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The back and forward buttons are designed to be used after you click through to an original news source, in other words to a web page not served by iGaza. The blue buttons on the article pages will take you back to the headline list.


The share button is positioned in the middle of the toolbar at the bottom of each news section. To share a link on Facebook, Twitter or the other services listed, make sure you click through from the article page to the original news source in order to, for example, post a link and headline to your wall. You can share with the following services, assuming you have an account (see screenshots below):



Google Reader



Read it Later



The three most recently used services will be listed in the ‘Action Sheet’ that appears when you click the share button. Click the ‘more’ button on the action sheet and you will be sent to the configuration area where you can turn off the services you do not currently use. by clicking edit. Make your selection press ‘Done’ and and then ‘Cancel’ to return to the web page you wish to share. Now when you return to the configuration page, any service that you have chosen not to use will no longer appear in the list. To return to the default full list simply press edit and turn all services back to ‘on’. The following ‘actions’ can also be turned on and off in the configuration area: ‘Copy’, ‘Email’ and ‘Open in Safari’.

Push notification

All new stories appear at the top of the home section. Refresh the headline list to see the story after clicking through from the alert. When you launch the app for the first time you will be asked if you wish to allow notifications to be pushed to your device from iGaza. Answer yes and in the future all the headlines of all news stories will be pushed to your phone in realtime, regardless of whether the app is open.

You can turn off push notifications by going to Settings - Notifications, where you will find iGaza listed among your other apps. Simply select iGaza and choose your preferred customisation.

When you receive a notification a red badge appears  on the home screen app icon is incremented by one. If iGaza is not open when you receive the message, after you open the app the badge is cleared. However, if iGaza is already open the badge number will not be cleared. Clear the badge and number by closing and relaunching iGaza.

update: If your notification service fails after upgrading to the latest version of the operating system - iOS5 - delete the app (touch and hold the app icon until it jiggles and then delete) and reinstall from the App Store.


This section loads a Google Maps mobile page. By default the map loads without the satellite view but this can be selected by selecting the layers icon on the blue toolbar. Also, when you launch the map you will be asked to allow your location to be used. Answering no does not affect the functionality of the map.

To reset the map to its original regional parameters click the refresh button in the grey toolbar at the bottom of the map.

Occasionally the map refuses to appear presumably due to load balancing pressure on Google’s servers, which is surprising for a company of such size and ability. Be patient and try again later.

update: Google have updated the user interface for some of their apps, including Google Maps. To get full functionality with the map - such as the flashing green marker highlighting most recent events - sign in with a Google account. If you don’t have one already then create a free googlemail (gmail) email account and use that to login with.


iGaza performs best over WiFi and 3G networks. If you are having trouble loading a news section then check your network connection and then hit refresh. If you still can’t load a section and you do have a connection, then close and relaunch the app, making sure to remove it from your iPhone's multitasking tray first. (Double click the home button to bring up the task tray and then press on the app icon until they all start to wiggle and then click the red minus badge to close iGaza.)


Select the 'Anytime' link to bring up a picker to allow you to select other filter terms for your videos, such as 'Today'.

By default the search bar is set to 'Gaza' but this can be changed to whatever you want.



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Now with iOS 5.0 notification
compatible with iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G
requires software version iOS 3.1 and higher

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